Perceptive Software Headquarters

238,000 SF          Lenexa, Kansas          Master Planning, Design and Construction, Interior Design, Signage, Parking Garage, LEED Documentation

The Headquarters anchors and sets the tone for an urban context within the City Center Lenexa Development. It is a contemporary crossover between art, architecture and urban presence, and is a LEED certified campus-style complex.The two buildings are a traditional architectural style with stone and brick detailing, with a four-story glass atrium where they meet at the corner to then frame the street. The interior of the headquarters was centered on the concept of "Collective Motion," streaming the energy of new and unique ideas from talented individuals, moving in a choreographed motion to a logical central focus and conclusion. The interior of the building reflects this flow from the curved pathways, islands of collaborative villages, workspaces and high tech meeting areas, to the logical focus of the atrium bridges. the conclusion is the three story atrium sculpture that we have titled "Collective Motion."

Sculpture made in collaboration between Klover Architects and Dimensional Innovations. Video Made by Dimensional Innovations.

The Cafe at Perceptive Software is for employees and has a slide entrance from the second floor. All Photographs by Mike Sinclair.